Grief Support Resources

The internet has given the bereaved more access to support groups and information to assist them in their healing than ever before. Several bereavement sites exist covering all aspects of grief, here are a some of them.

Bereavement Support

Grief Talk: Grief Talk is the web site of the Centre for the Grief Journey and it's Director, Dr. Bill Webster. Learn about their work, share some of the articles that Dr. Webster has written about grief and grief support, and give an opportunity to access the many resources that the centre offers.
Children's Grief Center: Children's Grief Center offers a safe, loving environment for grieving children and the support they need to process their feelings.

Webpage Memorials

There are many touching tributes from people who have suffered the loss of a loved one. Here is a list of some sites BFO is aware of.

BFO Durham Members' Pages

Some members of Bereaved Families of Durham Region have created their own personal webpages paying tribute to their children.

Love Never Dies - A Tribute To Geordi: This page contains the life story of 17 month old Geordi Elizabeth Maybury who died after contracting several diseases while recovering from open heart surgery to correct her congenital heart condition. The page also contains her parents' story on how they dealt with their daughter's death, useful links, and creative expressions of grief.
The Lomax Family: The personal page of BFO Durham Region members Nancy and Steve Lomax. The page contains information about their family and pays special tribute to their three miscarriaged babies.

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