St. Clair Secondary School Staff Awards

The Staff Trophy is awarded to a Grade 12 student of outstanding scholastic and personal qualities. The recipient is nominated by the teaching staff of St. Clair Secondary School.

Staff award -1997 Alison Hopkins
Alison Hopkins is a quiet gentle soul who contributes to her school and to her community in a modest, unassuming manner. She would not be easily noticed except for the occasional eccentric brilliance of dress - manifestations of a creative mind and a love of color. Academic brilliance and a subtle, but cleer sense of humor, have contributed to the enjoyment of teachers and students in the classroom. Alsion has each year at St. Clair been a member of the Honors Society with an average well above the required 85 percent. She placed first in the country in the Canadian Mathematics competition, Grade 12 Euclid contest, and was a member of the Math Team that helped St. Clair place first in Lambton County. During her time at St. Clair she has been a valuable member of the Library Club and the Choir. She has served as a tutor for the students of St. Clair and in the community. As president of Student Council she demonstrated excellent leadership skills. She has represented the students of St. Clair with pride and dignity, and set a tone of co-operation and accomplishment that will carry over to future Councils. Alison works part time at the Camlachie Library, and also works as a volunteer in the swim therapy at the Rotary Children's Centre. This summer she will work as a counsellor in the pool program at a camp for the mentally retarded at Lake Fergus. Alison has been accepted into the program offered by the Ontario Science Centre, and will spend one semester of her Grade 13 year at the Centre in Toronto. Alison has a wide range of interests and accomplishments. This same global scope can be found in her approach to people. Many and varied are the people who would say "This is my friend." Acceptance and tolerance are the facric of this year's recipient of the Staff Trophy.

Staff Award 1996 - Lynn Christmas
This year's recipient is admired by staff, is respected by her peers and is considered a friend by many of us. She has achieved a high scholastic standing by graduating from Grade 12 in the Honors Society, and by receiving a school letter. She has competed in many school sports, including basketball, volleyball, badminton and soccer She has participated in the Senior Concert and Stage Bands, the Choir and the GAA. She was a member of the junior cheerleading squad, and most recently, she was co-convenor for the Fashion Show. She is also very involved for the community, being a dedicated member of both the Art Christmas Aggregation and the Bluewater Symphonic Band.

Staff Award 1995 - Jeff Christmas
Not only has this year's candidate been involved in school sports and the music program, he has also been involved in many community groups. He is outgoing and can be considered "friend" by many people. He has played football for two years.. He has conducted a stage band and has been available for teaching music when needed.