St. Clair Secondary Writer's Craft Archive

During the 1987-1988 class year, Mr. Palumbo's OAC Writer's Craft class kept everyone up to date with what was happening at St. Clair. Each student in the class had to write a piece for the local daily newspaper's once a week hig school feature. Below are some of those articles preserved for alumni.

by Kim Gruben

Christmas is only one month away. Everyone at school is feeling under pressure. Some of us have research papers due or university and college applications to complete and everyone has the flu. But then - Christmas is only one month away and its spirit is undeniably in the air!

On Nov. 12, Theatre Direct visited our school and performed "The Snake Lady." This play expressed the effects of a poor family life on children as well as the trials of mental disorder and addiction. Live performances, are of special value and we thank those responsible for bringing the Snake Lady to us.

Nov.17 was the official kick-off of the St. Clair-Northgathe PAIRS program. Many students are involved, including the school band and choir who with Mr. Christmas, aided Santa by leading the carolling on Nov. 20 at Northgate.

Another event from this program is the Northgate commercials which were created and performed by Writer's Craft students'. These commercials can be heard on any Sarnia radio station. They have already been running for one week and will continue for the next four weeks Keep listening!

Advertisements for Northage, to be printed in the Sarnia Observer, are to be created also, but are not yet complete.

A new French co-op program is planned for January. Students who apply will be aiding teachers of French Immersion classes. This will be an excellent opportunity for them to work with young children and greatly improve their French.

On Nov. 25 there will be a Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD) conference for students interested in preventing drunk driving. At this time of year, it is a larger concern. Remember for yourself, family and friends that no one should drive under the influence of alcohol.

The weeks ahead promise to be busy, crazy, actually, but we do have the two-week break to look forward too.

by Stephanie Konrad

The holiday season is upon us and St. Clair is getting into the Christmas spirit.

Last Tuesday afternoon, we held our official Celebration of Lights ceremony and lit the display at the front of our school This is the second year that we will be competing in Sarnia's Celebration of Lights competition, having been awarded second prize last Christmas. We hope to achieve a high standing once again. The display can been seen every night until Jan. 4 from 5:30 p.m. to 7 a.m. Staff member Wills Rawana and Grade 13 student Kyle Southcombe head the Celebration of Lights committee while Mr. Rawana's and Mr. Davidson's classes helped with the set-up. Be sure to drive by St. Clair and let us "light up your life."

St. Clair recently said goodbye to one of the friendliest members of our custodial staff, Mr. Robert Stonehouse. "Stoney" has been with us for 10 years and always had a cheery smile for everyone. We wish him health and happiness in his retirement. See you at the Christmas assembly Stoney!

Last Thursday, Mr. Palumbo, Mr. Boardman and Mr. Nadalin escorted several of our junior English students to Detroit to visit the Institute of Art, Greektown and the Wayne State University theatre to view the dramatic production of Auntie Mame. St. Clair's English students have had the opportunity to go on numerous cultural excursions this year. These experiences round out our educational pursuits.

Our students have been presented with an exciting opportunity this year. In August, the Board of Education supplied St. Clair as well as several other local high schools, with approximately 20 IBM computers and printers. They are being put to use in the English business and electronics departments. A computer lab, open five days a week before and three lunch hours a week houses 11 IBMs. There is always an instructor available to assist the students in the lab. According to Mrs. Dudek, computer science teacher, "We aren't using them enough yet, but as time goes on, we hope to be able to realize the great potential in this area."

Mr. Wynne's senior vocational arts students recently finished the Northgate advertisements for our PAIRS project. These Christmas ad will appear in the Observer. Hopefully, Santa will bring some extra goodies for our students involved this year!

by Phil Parker

From April 26 to April 29, St. Clair Politics CLub members participated in the Southern Ontario Model United Nations Assembly (SOMA) 88. Located at the University of Toronto, centered in Convocation Hall, SOMA is an annual exercise designed to show how the real United Nations operates to senior high school students.

Unfortunately this year's SOMA failed to do so. Many delegates proved to be uncontrollable, their lack of decorum and unacceptably immature behavior degrading the conference.

The first night was wasted with a drawn-out roll call when over 150 countries were given the option to address the General Assembly with an introductory speech.

However, the next two days were reasonably successful. SOMA split into human rights, legal-political, economic-social and security councils, while the General Assembly remained in Convocation Hall. Each independent council dealt w ith its own agenda and resolutions.

Total chaos reigned on the final day with all delegates back together. Order could not be maintained, intolerable disruptions occured and the hall was vandalized. In a vote borne from desperation, an obviously illegal closing resolution was passed, then SOMA '88 immediately dissolved.

Tim Anderson, Brent Poland, John Cruikshank represented Hungary and Bret Goodwin, Mark Knackstedt and Phill Parker formed the delegation for the Republic of Malta. Mrs. . Garrett served as staff adviser.

Meanwhile, at St. Clair, football and Christmas are finished. Senior girl's soccer and track seasons are in full swing, with the track team competing in Tillsonburg on May 3. As of this writing it reamins to be seen how the Galloping Colts' fortunes have faired.

by Robyn Lumley

June is in sight for the students of St. Clair. Anecodtals have been issued and the heavy burden of midterms is felt by all.

Miss Beaven and Mrs. Garret are presently reviewing interim marks with the graduating students. They are meeting with teachers today to discuss the marks universities will receive. Grad students are reminded that OSAP applications will be available soon. College acceptances have begun to arrive. Notifications should be received by the end of this month.

Need to develop good study skills? Well, St. Clair's own guidance counsellors are sponsoring study skill workshops for the students in Grades 9, 10 and 11, who wish to take part in these sessions.

Today, the Tapestry Music Theatre presented Something's Rockin' in Denmark, a musical adaptation of Hamlet. The drama was for the senior English and Humanities students and was shown in our gym. It was an excellent production and a good time was had by all.

On April 9, our track and filed team took part in the Windsor Lancer Invitational Track Meet. Sherri Griffin took second place in the open high jump with a jump of 1.68 meters (co- holder of the meet record). Jason Smiley took third in midget shotput. The next meet will be held April 20 in Wallaceburg for midget and first-year high school students.

To celebrate the end of mid-terms, the yearbook staff will be sponsoring a 2001 Space Odyssey Dance on April 21. We hope to have a great turnout in order to raise funds for this year's yearbook.

Rehearsals for the spring fashion show have begun to take place. Spring has definitely arrived at St. Clair.