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Welcome to the webpage for alumni of St. Clair Secondary School located in Sarnia, Ontario. For those nostaligic for the good olde days, hopefully this site will allow alumni to reflect upon the good memories of high school and provide an update to what has happened to old classmates.

So feel free to check out the site, leave comments in the guestbook, add your St. Clair Secondary School memories and updates to the "Where are Alumni Now" pages by e-mailing the webmaster. Enjoy this reunion on the web.

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Alumni Links

Memories of St. Clair: St. Clair Secondary School Alumni write about their fondest memories of the school.
Alumni Tracker: Find out what some of those St. Clair Secondary School graduates have been up too since high school.
Saying Goodbye to Principal Gene McCaffrey : An article about the man who was principal of St. Clair Secondary School from 1985 to 1991.
Alumni Graduations: Celebrate some of the higher educational accomplishments made by St. Clair Secondary School alumni.
St. Clair Secondary School Alumni Weddings: Take a peak at some of those Alumni who have tied the knot.
Alumni Families: A place for Alumni to show off pictures of their families.
Writer's Craft Archive: During 1987-1988 Nick Palumbo's Writer's Craft students kept everyone up to date on school activites. Here are some of those articles archived for alumni.
St. Clair Secondary School: The offical home to the St.Clair Colts. Check out the webpage and see how the old school has changed.

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