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Common Reactions After A Loss: The following range of reactions are often experienced by bereaved parents. These emotions come in no specific order and you might have one feeling one moment and a totally different one the next.
Fathers Grieve Too: Support information for fathers grieving the loss of a child.
Taking Care of Yourself: The bereavement process is probably the most difficult experience anyone has to endure. Here are a list of ideas that may help you through your journey.
What You Can Do For Yourself: Experts in the field of bereavement believe that grief is best dealt with by acknowledging your feelings, expressing them and working through them over time.
Remembering Your Child Lost through Miscarriage: How to perserve memories of your child and keep him or her a part of your life.
Creating New Daily Rituals: Rituals help to commemorate the life our child and can give bereaved a sense of control and hope. Here are some ideas on how to mark occasions after the death of a child.

Articles written by or on BFO Durham Region Members

Parenting After Loss: Written by BFO Durham Region member Nancy Lomax who suffered three miscarriages.
Dream Work: Written by BFO Durham Region co-ordinator Susan Hendricks, how examining dreams can help in the healing process.
A Sister's Pain: BFO Durham Region member Meghan Young discusses how losing her sister Sara has changed her life.

BFO Durham in the News

Facing Death Together: Written July 15, 1994: Giving support to a parent who has lost their child "is the most intense emotional work a person is called to do in their life."
The Loss of A Child: Written March 12 1995: It's a parent's worst nightmare and no matter what the textbooks say, the effects on a family can last many, many years.

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